• Normal and smoked paprika
  • White Onion
  • Good quality chicken thighs x 8 (boneless easier)
  • Cream (elmlea vegan cream)
  • Chicken stock (1-2 Kallo chicken cubes in 500 mil water)


  • Fry finely chopped onion/s in the the pan with a bit of butter (or groundnut oil) when golden add chicken and paprika (2 and 2 teaspoons each at least) fry 3 min on each side then add chicken stock, lower heat, cover pan and let cook.
  • Keep checking the level of liquid. When soft and cooked, take out all the meat and put aside, strain the sauce, add cream, season more, add salt and pepper, add more paprika if you. Cook through.
  • Traditionally served with gnocchi Enjoy!
  • Works well in a slow cooker. Adjust quantities according to the number of people cooking for – All quantities are fairly rough!

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Creamy Paprika Czech Chicken


Traditional Czech comfort food
Prep Time
Cooking Time
1h 30m or longer in slow cooker

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